Mums. Child Massotherapy: Questions and Answers

NewbornGymnastics and massotherapy are useful at a age, but is especially momentous in the 1st year of child's life. For currently, there is a bookmark health for many years.As long does the massotherapy, and how a lot of sessions includes a course?The session lasts at the start of a course of size an hour. By a middle of a loading increases, but all depends on the baby: some children get tired after 20 min, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Normally carried out 10 sessions. Clearly positive trend seen in a 12-13th session.When you can do a second course of a massage the child?It depends on the physician's testimony, but not earlier than one month following the previous one. The recommended frequency of once per quarter.A doctor sometimes advised to do "material therapy massotherapy +", what is it?Medical exercises complex - a system of exercises for variant ages, developing different muscle groups. Held immediately after the massage, when the muscles are warmed up.Appointed a massotherapy, and in a clinic of all, if It is possible to hold yourself child massotherapy sessions?If the massotherapy is prescribed by a doctor, he was referring to a special medical process and not just toning stroking. Why it is indispensable to wait for a turn, and if It is possible to afford it, it is consummate to invite a specialist at home.Ofttimes at a end of the session a masseuse rolls kid on a ball, why? And whether you must to buy a ball for home use?Of course It is possible to buy, so comfortably riding on the ball strengthens the vestibular system helps to relax the muscles, helps with colic and improves matching. So, we need bear in mind that it is desirable to put on the ball just golenkogo kid dressed however may slip.This action is helpful to combining with air baths. Good, if the much technique you showed anyone with experienced mothers. A chief item - do not ride the newborn in one direction, it may do a head spin. Whimper - just shoot, there is a risk that a newborn dislikes the ball once and for all, although this is quite rare. The diameter of a ball at least 60 centimeters, but better - more. Fit ball with "horns."Often, a baby has used to one massotherapy therapist, and has been actively protesting against the other. What is it?Massotherapy - this is not only a physical capacity, but as well an efficient energy exchange. We masseuse can be a bad mood or energy does not fit the newborn. Often children do not same tall gerls's voices or certain smells. In a 1-st TWO-3 sessions a child has a right to protest: it is not "ordered" this aunt. As strive to calm a newborn and are in sight until he has used to the new masseuse.Recommend to swim in the bathtub. Why do it?If you resolve to go for a swim bath home, hurry up: soon will be too late. A kid just does not "fit in a rotation." Swimming - a wonderful way of healing a body. It relieves muscle tone, expanding respiratory system, calms the nerves. Following the bath a children sleep better. Just ask a service technician to show you a duo of times this process. And most importantly - do not be frightened of a most, because a fear is transmitted to a kid. But if a baby crying in a water - swimming should immediately discontinue, or cease to love it for a long time aqua treatments.Why do I wish a massotherapy? Ofttimes our moms or grandmothers say, "We are no massage you do, and nothing!"What some "nothing" - the big issue. Any people of our generation can boast of perfect health. Benefits of massage is evident, because the some man lacks intrinsic action and energy he has lots. During the sessions, he learns much about the possibilities of his own body. It turns out, arms and legs are not only for a sluggish waggle while lying in bed.Later a course of newborn massage and even while he toddlers get to expand faster and more actively explore a world. It is believed that even a perfectly healthy baby up to 1 year to go through 3 massotherapy course, if there is no specific medic indications. Following a year and yet keep enough intrinsic performance.What time of time is good to carry out a process of massage?Preferably the right, after a massotherapy - a charge of vivacity for a entire time. And the mode of the time a newborn will not get to crash.Nearing the end of a course of massage, however your physician has prescribed vaccinations. Whether it is potential to combining?Occasionally there are complications following vaccination, including fever. In this case, a massage is contraindicated. Establish aside a couple of times vaccinations, we Think about it that a doctor you go to a meeting, because massotherapy is beneficial alone if the course got to an end.A child diathesis, however a medical man has prescribed massage. May it be done?No, because a physical effects will alone exacerbate a rash. Would 1-st have to defeat a diathesis, and then proceed to massage.You keep decided to create the baby massage for yourself, you want to know that.It is a bold resolution, but we recommend first to put careful courses. But if you get along started, a movement should pick up put only "massotherapy lines" with the periphery to the center. Do not touch a area of the lymph nodes (under the arms and behind the knees), groin and breasts, you can not act directly on a spine: alone bottom - up, no closer than 1 centimetersIt is unacceptable to touch the space of the heart, with a neck skin and head must be handled highly carefully. Massotherapy speed to match the speed of the movement of lymph: some 2 cm per second.   Newborn. Alike Mothers.articles:Mothers. Can a nursing mum tomatoesBabyChild. Night-feedingNewbornCare of a baby. Fall thin hair after childbirthNewborn.

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