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NewbornDuring a period of lactation should consume as a lot of vegetables and fruits (sweet, frozen, dry, or canned in juice form). Choose more beets, carrots, potatoes, fresh apples, pears. Approximately fresh vegetables and fruits should be added to a schedule for very carefully, however they may cause flatulence in the child. These incorporate: fresh cabbage, peas, grapes, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant.We recommend a variety of natural milk porridge, but if a newborn is suffering zaaporami, rice porridge will be deleted. Just as a side dish of boiled rice. For energy-rich foods are also pasta, whole grain fresh bread, beans (a latter also contribute to bloating, however for them to be careful.)The fish should be eaten at least twice a week, if a baby has no allergies to it. Do not forget the fatty crab. Fresh meat and poultry may be consumed in any quantity in stewed, baked or boiled. Especially healthy for a newborn and mom dairy items because they contain not alone calcium, but also are a source of protein.Do not abuse the eggs. Eat them no more than 3-4 minutes a 7 days is ideal - in a configuration of omelets. Occasionally you can afford cottage cheese cakes, pancakes (filled or just sweet), ravioli or dumplings, but these dishes possess become a exception rather than a rule. Occasionally It is possible to eat pickles or fish, but remember that they cause fluid retention in a body.However for drinks, then upon the time you can consume milk and dairy items with fat capacity of not more than 1%, compote of desiccated fresh fruits, mineral water without gas, milk milk (specifically good green milk without cane sugar because it stimulates lactation). Occasionally It is possible to keep a glass of non-alcoholic beer, big apple or prune breeding juice (as well can trigger bloating).Highly undesirable for nursing mums nutrition items containing a great amount of preservatives, dyes, spicy seasonings and sauces, marinades - all are capable of adversely affecting the taste of natural milk, not to mention the potential risk to a baby's well-being. Avoid excessively fatty foods, because not only is it not helf for the newborn, but as well harmful to your well-being and form. Be careful with the "classical" allergens: strawberry, chocolate, seafood, caviar, citrus, tropical fruits, smoked sausage, natural honey, etc.Remember that an unknown item need be administered in the ration gradually, and not more than one in a any days to good protect a crumbs from allergies, or, at least, be able to track a product that caused the reaction. If you really demand to treat yourself to anything delicious, prefer raspberries, lower-fat cookies. Try not to drink carbonated beverages, specifically sweet because they may cause bloating and allergies.Guided by these simple rules, you will be able to lay a foundations for health and helf spirits, however a newborn, and at home. Such a dietary fresh food nursing mothers get a good impact not alone on a grade of natural milk, but also on your outside!POWER nursing momsMeal feeding woman 18 years oldMeal feeding: breast-feeding that prohibitedMeals attractive momMeal feeding mumThe regime of lactating momsVitamin nursing mom   Service of a baby. Similar posts:Newborn care. Toddler GymsChildCare of a newborn. LactationChildMums. Vitamins for kidsChild.

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