Child. World of touch

NewbornOne of the simplest, but it has enormous potential games - familiarity with a world of touch. In this game It is possible to play literally with birth. Time in adults, it does not put nearly how neither askes special equipment or preparation, specifically at 1st. We start to play, of course, at home.When you are carrying a child in a washroom or just go with him on his hands, spend it handle all a way across on surfaces (wall, cabinet, a leather jacket or a fur coat, a wooden coat rack or a metal key). This gives a opportunity to learn more crumbs of what is around. And with what interesting materials made my mother's clothes: there are silk and wool, and velvet, and skin, and cotton and linen, synthetics and variant kid... Anything is new and interesting.Do not forget to pronounce the name of a newborn touches a moment. By the method, touch a subjects and substances can not alone hands - your newborn will expand better if you turn the game a whole body: legs, breast, back, tummy. For some surfaces can slide down, in some flounder, however in the snow, for a jump or push off from them.After a area of the house will be mastered, run a game to a street. It is a pity, of course, if a court of winter, but even then it is not necessary to deprive a newborn a opportunity to meet with the snow, icicles, icicles, frozen sticks.And if the court of the soft season, the research fervor should not limit in any method. A trunks of trees and shrubs, different types of soil, leaves, grass, flowers, sand, fresh fruits, fruits, vegetables - in short, anything that catches my eye and arm, with every rightly to be included in a classes.When crumb started learning to crawl or just enough interest and touches all around, do not forget how much however potential to change the texture of his "litter." Want not be limited to a diaper or blanket - give the child a opportunity to lie down and crawl on all fabrics and materials that exist in the home. Extremely fine quilts - you give a kid lots of tactile impressions at a same time.  Resembling posts:Care of a baby. Walk with the newbornNewbornChild service. Simulated feeding. MixturesNewbornVitamins for childrenNewborn.

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