Moms. Types of mixtures of artificial feeding

NewbornAll of natural milk substitutes are divided into fully and partially adapted. A mix is considered to be adapted if its composition is so close to breast milk. Partially adapted mix just about the size of mimic the organic composition of a item. Fully copy it virtually impossible, though less an adapted formulas are more suitable for a little ones, rather than partially adapted.A majority of natural-milk substitutes are done on a basis of cow (with the exception of soy formula). There mixture and based on goats' natural milk. Kids are a mixing of sweet and acidophilic (fermented natural milk). Let us say at once: do not correct those moms and dads who equate acidophilus smeci to normal kefir. Kefir - a fermented milk item is unadapted, one of the dishes feeding.Mixtures may be very dry (powderise) and fluent (ready). Much more ofttimes moms and dads keep to deal with very dry products: you are kept longer carry less weight and even cost less. How, in fluid mixtures has its advantages. The influential item is that you do not wish a exceptional technique to cook. Therefore, even during night feedings a nice mom can not do a mistake, trying to keep a required proportions.Natural-natural milk substitutes are as well divided into casein and whey. This is due to the fact that a protein components in female natural milk contains 2 major types: whey and casein, wherein a 1-st ingredient is a leader. It is desirable that in the natural milk replacer, this ratio has been saved. Mixtures for infant feeding can be standard and specialized.The standard includes customized products based on cow's milk. Specialized mixtures designed for specific categories of infants: prematurity, allergies, low weightiness, meal intolerance, regurgitation, delayed stool, etc. This item group is assigned to a pediatrician who constantly monitors a well-being of a child.Apply especial caution should be taken to a soy-based substitutes. Typically, the medical man does not appoint such a product without a helf reason. In anemia (anemia) associated with a deficiency of iron in a body of a child, using a mix with a high capacity of this element. But you can only be given to kids with 3 months. Among specific mixtures are purely therapeutic (such as protein hydrolysates) in which a protein is carefully pretreated. These items are designed specifically for children with allergies, are appointed by a doctor.A particular child of blend - the "second" or "following." This is a relatively new for our country products intended for feeding infants older than 6 weeks. A names of such mixtures normally featured a number "2". This is partially adapted items, which, according to experts, in a second 0.5 of a year a newborn is enough.  Similar Attention of a child.articles:Newborn. Jaundice in newbornsBabyChild maintenance. May a nursing mom persimmonNewbornBaby. Vitamins for babiesBaby.

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